My Opponent

Roswell is very fortunate to have so many committed and caring residents that are willing to donate their time to worthy causes that enhance our community.  I commend Harvey Smith for his volunteer service in Roswell.

However, when it comes to specific actions that relate to serving as an elected representative there are many areas where my opponent and I disagree and we have substantial policy differences.  There is a record of our comments and votes and actions on those issues that can be compared.

Contrasting our approaches is a critical part of

this election.

Roswell residents tell me over and over about their concerns regarding the push for new development, increasing densities and apartments.  Where we go with new development is one of the key issues to be decided in this election.

Mr. Smith is a developer.

On the Roswell Planning Commission, Mr. Smith:

Voted FOR New High-density APARTMENTS

  1. -approved 30 units per acre (unprecedented in Roswell.

  2. Previous maximum was 14 units per acre)

  3. -Sets precedent for future apartment projects in

  4. Roswell

  5. -Mr. Smith did not attempt to reduce the density

  6. of the project

  7. -Mr. Smith did not attempt to increase parking for the

  8. project (420 spaces for 320 apartments with 450 bedrooms)

Voted for Hybrid Form-based Zoning Code

  1. -Removes density as a consideration in zoning

  2. -Density has been the primary element in rezonings

  3. for decades.

  4. -"Form-based" only considers the "look" of a project,

  5. not density, not use, not traffic impacts.

  6. -"Hybrid" comes from having some limits on uses as

  7. opposed to no limits.  However, limits are few.

Voted for Groveway Overlay

(the actual location of form-based zoning)

  1. -allows new apartments with Council approval

  2. -was passed without design guidelines in place

  3. (when the “look” is the only consideration, shouldn’t there be guidelines for that look?)

  4. -was passed with numerous inconsistencies and

  5. contradictions

- was passed with incomplete details

  1. -was passed with confusing language and even

  2. misspelled words

Missed almost all UDC input meetings

over 18 months

  1. -As a Planning Commission member he was invited to take part in nearly monthly meetings of the UDC review committee to give regular input to the creation of the UDC document.

  2. -Mr. Smith says the devil is not in the details and that Mayor Wood is correct in saying the UDC won’t bring much change in density or apartments.  Has Mr. Smith actually read the UDC?  The details clearly allow substantial increases in density and open the door to apartments where they are not currently allowed today.

”The devil is not in them [the details]

”The UDC when finalized will simply provide an overall vision”

-Harvey Smith Email Blast 8/25/2013

The UDC is actually THE zoning code for Roswell.

click here for the details

As a developer in Roswell Mr. Smith has received numerous citations for Building and Environmental Code Violations.

Roswell has always taken building regulations seriously and enforces the codes against developers who don’t

follow the rules.  Compliance is the main goal so warnings are generally given to

try to correct infractions.  Numerous warnings are often given before an actual citation is issued. 

Tree Protection Violation - Guilty Plea

Case # 00-0000029-01

Erosion Control Violation - Guilty Plea

Case # 00-0000085-001

Construction Hours Violation - Guilty Plea

Case # 00-0000061-001

My opponent in his own words:

Regarding keeping the new 4,000 sf lot (10.89 units per acre) and 6,000 sf lot (7.26 units per acre) zoning categories in the UDC:

“I’d like to see it remain as a permitted use as you describe because if it becomes a rezoning application, it’s the NIMBY’s, it’s the we don’t want it...”

-Harvey Smith 8/22/2013

Kent has pushed to have these zoning categories removed from the UDC.  When it’s in your backyard, who would Mr. Smith consider to be the NIMBY?

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