I support redeveloping our blighted areas.  We must always keep improving what we have.  But the key questions are how much and how fast and are we dealing with the impacts of development.  You can learn more about my vision for Roswell by clicking here.

I supported the initial goals of cleaning up our zoning code through the Unified Development Code (UDC). click here for more on the UDC.

However, the UDC has become more than just fixing our existing code.  Roswell is faced with a critical decision this election because of the UDC.  This new code could remake Roswell - for good or for bad.

I believe we must target our redevelopment efforts on our problem areas and maintain controls on density to get what we want.  As currently proposed the UDC  opens the door for a tremendous increase in density to Roswell.  Do you really want substantially more density?

I have serious concerns about where our City is headed.  Only you can help steer Roswell in the right direction.


After a hard fought victory I am shifting this website to focus on the Unified Development Code (UDC). 

First, I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on my campaign and all of you who showed your faith in me by voting for me.

The biggest issue in Roswell remains the UDC as it stands to change our city dramatically.  Only you can bring the pressure needed to fix it’s many problems.  The UDC can work to improve Roswell, but only if key elements are changed and if our redevelopment efforts become focused only on our blighted areas.

I’ve lived in Roswell for nearly 20 years and during that time I have fought to protect and enhance the quality of life we all cherish.

Before being elected to the City Council I represented my HOA and helped build a coalition of neighborhoods to work together on zoning and transportation issues, billboards, stream buffers, environmental protections and more.

On Council during the last twelve years you have trusted me to be the straight-shooter who tells it like it is and asks the questions you want asked.  I’ve been a leader on reduced spending, lower taxes, smart and reasonable redevelopment, transportation, sustainability, the environment and neighborhood protection.

Time and again I have been called “the neighborhood guy” and “the green guy”.  I’m proud of that.  Those are my roots, and with me, you know what you are getting.

I’ve brought a trained eye in what is actually being proposed by developers and fought for high standards to ensure quality development.  The devil is in the details and I’ve been the stickler in demanding we make things the best they can be.

Did you get my card in the mail?  Where is the Lion in the picture below?  click below to get the full picture:

Kent Igleheart Roswell City Council