Historic District

Roswell’s Historic District is the prize jewel of our city.  Canton Street is widely considered one of our best success stories.

The UDC stands to drastically change our Historic District.

Canton Street is entirely one- and two-story buildings.  Almost all successful businesses and restaurants are “adaptive reuse” of an original building.  Greenspace is abundant.  It has been repeatedly said that we want to spread Canton Street around Roswell - with which I completely agree!

In order to get a similar feel you don’t move toward 4-6 story buildings with 80% lot coverage, which is what is currently proposed for much of the Historic District.

Most of the Historic District has a lot coverage of 35%.  Properties directly along Hwy 9 are generally 60% lot coverage as they are commercial uses.  Overall this produces substantial open areas and greenspace.

Once you allow 80% lot coverage the incentive to remove trees and older buildings is created.  We have already seen numerous examples of owners of historic buildings allowing them to deteriorate until they can be shown to be unsafe by owner-hired engineers.

The City does not currently consider these proposed changes to be “upzonings” so these properties are not being left where they are today and they will not being going through the standard rezoning process - unlike almost all other properties throughout Roswell.

The changes to the Historic District are not going to receive individual per-property zoning hearings.  They are currently part of the UDC and will be approved as a whole.

I have created a chart to show the changes that will take place to properties along Hwy 9 from Barrington Hall down to the river. 

Similar changes would take place for properties north of this stretch up to City Hall.

Click here to go to the chart.

Kent Igleheart Roswell City Council