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My Opponent’s Email Blast

I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many of you in the last few weeks.  As our campaign heads into the home stretch, I want to inform you on some of the key differences between me and my opponent.  


He likes to say, "the devil is in the details", especially when referring to the Unified Development Code.  Actually, I firmly believe the TRUTH is in the details. 

He is running a fear-based campaign, trying to convince everyone that the UDC is going to allow more apartments and higher density developments in Roswell.   I agree with Mayor Wood's comments this week at the Roswell Woman's Club Candidate Forum that the UDC is still in its formation stage and the city is listening constantly to citizen concerns and input and making changes.  

Most of the zoning regulations are not being changed, specifically on the location of apartments and height regulations.  So is Igleheart saying the Mayor doesn't know what he is talking about?  Who do you believe? 


I find it interesting that he has chosen to live in one of the highest density neighborhoods in Roswell but would try to scare you into thinking any increased density is bad for Roswell. 

The UDC when finalized will simply provide an overall vision for the future of Roswell.  Yes, there are a lot of details in the UDC, but the "devil" is not in them.


He says he is a "fighter" but has he won any battles? 

I have experience both as a civic leader and business owner.  I know what it takes to get the job done.  His idea of fighting is to raise his voice, throw papers in the air, and stomp out of meetings when he doesn't get his way - very theatrical, but not really fighting.  I intend to truly fight for you by first getting a clear picture of the issue and then working hand-in-hand with the Roswell citizens, council, and mayor to come up with the solution that is in the best interest of all.  In order to be an effective leader, one must be able to examine the facts and work with others to reach the desired goal.


Do you want a council member who is a proven leader and problem solver, who is actively involved in the community, who has raised a family in Roswell, who works in Roswell and will promote business, who will protect your home values, and who will be responsive to you?  If your answer to any of these is "yes" then your choice is clear.


Thanks for your support! 

I live in Liberty Lofts and Townhomes - 4.8 units per acre (3.13 if only the townhomes are included).  The densities allowed in the UDC for townhomes are up to 16 units per acre.  There are no density limits on new apartments.  I’d call that a big devil!

I AM saying Mayor Wood doesn’t know what he is talking about, especially when it comes to apartments and height regulations in this zoning document.  Click here to learn more.

My opponent clearly does not understand zoning or the UDC.  The project built in your backyard is entirely dependent upon the specific details of what is allowed.  This is THE zoning code!  Has he not read the 370 pages of the UDC? He didn’t attend most of the meetings.  I read it, studied it closely, analyzed key elements and understand it.

The UDC is THE zoning code that regulates exactly what a developer can and cannot do - set-backs, heights, density, parking, signs, trees - every single thing in a development project!  It is not just an “overall vision”.

Have I won any battles?  Check the UDC where 11-16 story building heights have been removed, the smallest lot sizes are on the ropes, backyard apartments have been removed, and much more.  Ask the folks around Waller Park who had a huge water tank moved from their backyards, or businesses and residents around Andrettis who don’t have to listen to an outdoor track, or any number of neighborhoods that I have helped achieve positive results in the projects in their backyards.

Kent Igleheart Roswell City Council